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Condition Monitoring Service’s


Whatever your circumstances, there is a condition monitoring package to help keep your equipment in top operating condition. CMEC has an enormous amount of experience in the reliability of plant and manufacturing equipment and is available to work with you - to keep your business operating.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to cater for your own condition monitoring using your own staff. There may be many reasons for that; it could be cost, complexity, lack of skill or knowledge.

You may have a significant amount of equipment to look after or on the opposite end of the scale, only a few and cannot justify the services of a full time reliability employee.

Tools and Technique

An effective reliability focused maintenance program requires advanced techniques (i.e. vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasonic, acoustic emission, infrared and visual inspection) to match the most common failure modes relevant to your site’s assets.

Integrated approach

We will work with your maintenance operations team and, using CMEC’s tools, processes and experience, make sure that the program improves reliability, availability, safety, energy optimization and ultimately… your firm’s bottom line!

We are able to provide a fully outsourced integrated condition monitoring service, train and equip your personnel or provide a “hybrid” approach to suit your needs and budget.

The program will be integrated into your maintenance operations, advice is fast, clear and practical and persistent or critical faults will be investigated.


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